Black Dining Room – Do You Dare?

Probably, if we had a living room with 4 windows, two of them large double doors to a terrace and so much natural light, we would still think about it, right?

This penthouse is quite spectacular for several reasons. The first is the interior aspect, with an open distribution of the common areas, where space has been used very well, there is not an inch of the floor unusable.

The second, the black walls, an unusual color in common homes, but thanks to the magnificent natural lighting, it does not clash with the other white and wood elements.

And the third thing, the exterior, if the living room leaves us a little surprised with that ideal combination of black, white, and wood, the exterior hallucinates us even more, with that terrace that practically surrounds the attic and those views of the Swedish city.

It is almost like living in a house/villa on the top of a building, you will see when you get to the photos of the outside that it is wonderful. But going back to the black in the living room, what do you think? we like it, quite a bit! It is ideal to play a bit with deco at home, how monotonous it is in our day today, but it is also true that we would have it a couple of years tops! We would return to a white – wood – natural palette in a short time, would you?








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