18 Simple Yet Beautiful Dining Rooms That Will Attract Your Attention

The dining room was once a separate part of the home, designed for gathering of family and friends. Nowadays separated dining room as part of the interior, are somewhat neglected, mainly due to changes in the architecture and housing and to the reduced space in the apartment. Today’s dining rooms are mostly part of the kitchen, in the form of a place where the food is preparing, serving and in the same time place for eating.

The atmosphere in the dining room is just as important as in all the other rooms of the apartment. Therefore, at beginning of the planning and decorating new dining room, it is good to know some basic guidelines. The table and the chairs in the dining room and kitchen should be comfy and practical, made of durable materials to serve their purpose for many years. The natural lighting is crucial and beside that, you need to have additional artificial light to improve the atmosphere at night. The colors in the dining room should be fresh and lively, not too dark, nor too sterile. Additional decorations are not needed, you can just set one decorative mirror on the wall, or some picture with interesting motif. We present you some simple but adorable dining rooms that will attract your attention for sure!


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