17 Super Genius Wall Refreshment Hacks For Your Home Beautification

The following post is one from the most helpful for your household. It is about refreshing your walls with interesting DIY wall art and decorations, without spending a lot money and time. Sometimes a little change in the interior, mean a big changes in the whole look. For that reason is good to change something to make a big difference.

These hacks and tricks will help you to add a refreshing touch in every room of your home, with a little effort and imagination. You will not spend a lot of your free time, because all of them are easy to make. Neither you will not spend a lot money, because you will make them from some simple materials that you have already in your own home. So, if you are trying to refresh the look of your home decor, this is the right idea. Just see our examples and find inspiration to create amazing wall art and stylise your walls with this simple but super genius hacks. Have fun!

Make wall framed letters

Add a tree branch decal for a fresh look

Create amazing string art to add a little colorful inspiration

You can create oversized paper snowflakes for a winter wonderland feel

Try putting inspirational quotes on clipboards and hang them on the wall

Create constellation art with string lights and a canvas

Use masking tape to create a skyline headboard

Use some plates to refresh your walls

Set some fabric panels and make your own wall decor

Use old CD cases and insert your own pictures to make your own work of art

Use painters tape to make interesting patterns

Make DIY wall art from shoe boxes

Create an easy DIY polka dot wall

Use some family photos to refresh your walls

Fold sheets of paper to make a unique piece of art

Make patterned wall squares

Use several canvases to connect and make one piece of art



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