15 Magnificent Dining Room Designs With Charming Different Chairs

Sometimes a dining table with chairs in different colors or shapes was a reflection of poverty. Times change, and with them trends in interior design. The originality and the desire for a “difference” led to this style, which can be classified as an eclectic one. If you do not know how to break the monotony of decorating your home, or you are trying to make it to look warm and comfortable, or just want to keep up with trends – the solution is simple: combine different chairs in the dining room. Interior designers consider that there is nothing more boring than the same chairs around the table, and that most apartments lack personal signature and dynamism. The variety they talk about can be obtained in several ways – by combining all different chairs, or by replacing only a few pieces, for example, those standing on the forehead or on one side of the table.

Of course, it is important that all chairs are in the same style, however, six chairs of different style and different materials will not look nice. If you use wood, then combine different models of wood chairs. The same applies to plastic and cloth-covered chairs. Some use the same model in different colors, and some chairs are in the same color or different models. It is very important that you take care of their height so that everyone at the table can sit at the same height, and that the backrests are equally high.


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