15 Glamorous Dining Rooms In Victorian Style

Nothing has a timeless elegance as interior decorated in Victorian style. If you have a style, a sufficiently large dining room, the will and enough money, you can decorate dining room which will be perfect for you. Victorian style in the interior is romantic, classic, and always trendy. When equipping your dining room, start by choosing the chandelier. It has to be massive because in the Victorian dining room, it will be the focal point. The chandelier must be your starting point for further decoration of the dining room.

Designers usually opt for dramatic crystal chandeliers and you can do the same. The crystals can be classic, transparent or colored. Crystal chandelier is usually placed just above the dining table. You can set it down a little lower than the standard. Crystal chandelier with its dazzling light will enter a special atmosphere in the dining room. Excellent effect will be achieved if in the dining room you set a mirror. A very important element in the decoration of Victorian-style dining room, are the curtains or blinds. Curtains should be from ceiling to floor, from rich materials, multi-layered. In addition to curtains, should pay attention to the choice of carpets. The first choice that cen be used are rugs with oriental themes. In addition you can see one creative collection of 15 Glamorous Dining Rooms In Victorian Style. See them and make your choice!

15 Glamorous Dining Rooms In Victorian Style

Image via Rikki Snyder


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