Pinnacle House by Aum Architects in Mumbai, India

Project: Pinnacle House
Architects: Aum Architects
Location: Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area: 3,750 sf
Photographs by: Prashant Bhat

Pinnacle House by Aum Architects

Attaining the peak of perfection Ar Manish Dikshit and his team at Aum Architects added another feather to their cap – The Pinnacle house. Rolling over 3750 sq.ft, this bedroom duplex is the perfect composition of what dreams are made of. Abiding by his trademark of a modern yet minimalist design approach, Ar. Manish Dikshit yet again worked his irrevocable charm and revolutionized the expanse.

The client wanted to amplify the spaciousness of the four bedroom duplex apartment that rendered a boundless as well as a distinct appeal, making it aesthetically pleasing. The four bedroom duplex comprises of an entrance lobby, bar, dining area, living room, kitchen and guest bedroom with a large balcony for the living area & guest bedroom having a marvelous view of the outside. Located on the top most floors of Kalpataru Pinnacle in Malad, the client insisted on curating a space which has minimum number of barriers, making the house feel limitless.

Designing this place to its true potential every aspect of the house was conceptualized keeping in mind the client’s brief. The luxurious apartment was split into one master bedroom, two bedrooms meant for the kids and one guest room. Keeping up with the latest trends, the kid’s bedroom has been dolled up in a theme which is reflective of their personas. Meticulously designed, the entire house has an eloquent yet extraordinary décor. The peaceful yet modernist décor paints a picture of order and uniformity. Another fascinating feature of this penthouse is its ‘height’, and being the focal point a pragmatic design scheme has been persevered.

The entire penthouse has an eclectic design arrangement. Though each room has been predominantly done up in a style; the same has been adapted to evolve as per the user.

Articulated to illustrate a breathtaking view, the entrance lobby has been rendered a posh outlook by using Michelangelo marble. The same marble has been innovatively implied on different surfaces such as the door and all vertical surfaces. Leaving no stone unturned to penetrate custom made mosaic in the same marble, metal inlay and use of wooden rafters are some of the elements that have been heavily used.

The living room is divided into an informal lobby space and dense tropical foliage has been set up along the wall of the staircase on the right. A diagonal pattern has been fabricated on the floor to dissociate this area visually. At the periphery, four fluted glass panels framed in MS frame have been placed exuding a glamorous touch to the whole set up. The addition of pearl inlay at the end of the patterned flooring raised the chic factor by multitudes. The chesterfield sofa in this lobby space perfectly complements the greens facing it.  To keep the floor pattern in sync with the furniture pieces, a glass centre table has been bestowed that amplifies the overall aesthetic value of the space.

The key is in small details and that’s what furnishes & makes for a timeless design. Following this aspect, a small niche in the corner has been converted into a bar.

The formal living room consists of both a seating area as well as the dining. A remarkable feature of this dining area is the vault ceiling. The awe-inspiring dining table is the star attraction which is further augmented with a tropical background.. The silhouettes of the tropical jungle are infused in the backdrop, adding to formulate as a surprise element. A true scale antelope that sits amongst the jungle peeking through the partition symbolizes elegance, high energy levels, communication and wisdom. The double height void overlooking the breakfast table at the lower level has been cladded with diamond shaped wooden pieces. The creative console, mesh chairs and the bookcase are astonishing and draw architectural detail.

The seating in the living room is more on the minimal lines with an influx of subtle modernity. Orange rust chesterfield (stitching only) sofa set with a black & white striped carpet forms the base of this seating. A long window opening spilling over into the balcony forms the extension of the living room. Custom made units sit on the opposite side of the seating area; these are finished in botticino marble and mirror. The balcony has been cocooned to be wrapped in a rustic ACP panel.

The floor-to-ceiling windows in most of the rooms add up to their beauty, highlighted more through linear furniture designs and paneling. Cross ventilation and natural light filtering has enriched the home with shading elements that result in animating spaces with the shifting of sun rays all day. The master bedroom and the kids bedrooms have been placed at the top whereas the lower floor houses the formal and informal living rooms, kitchen and the guest room.

Further pursuing the tropical theme, the master bedroom has been designed with ample of colored accents. The focal wall is painted in citron shade with diagonal bands painted in a lighter tone. Rich South American inspiration owing to the ‘black marquina’ marble flooring has been used to make a stark impact. Cladded in suede leather, the bed has a back lit panel. For further indulgence, an armchair in leather and a coffee table are placed in the room, lending a luxurious experience. Captivating the attention of the inhabitants, a wire mesh lamp and wall art adorn the walls of the bedroom.

The initiative to comply with the client’s needs was taken a notch further while designing the kid’s bedrooms.  The son’s bedroom was hugely inspired by science fiction and technologies. ‘Steampunk’ , a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery was kept in hindsight. The Hexagonal suspended sheets on the ceiling aided to be a prominent feature of this spectacular house. Also for the daughter’s room, a relatively unique concept was implemented. ‘French Riviera’- a Mediterranean coastline in southeast corner of France is where all the inspiration was derived from. Elements of brick painted walls with rustic veneer used gave a happening & fresh vibe, perfectly reflecting the theme.

The guest bedroom has a large balcony which gives a marvellous view outside. This is an added bonus for the patrons as the stupendous view adds an element of thrill in the house. Dwelling deep in space, we see that the puja room is instilled with hand carved sandstone jaali, granting an alluring vibe with a hint of traditional touch, making the space peaceful & spiritual.

The Pinnacle House stays true to its name as it unfolds a breathtaking experience that is experienced only at the top, thus portraying an architectural marvel.

-Project description and images provided by Aum Architects


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