When can you really start decorating your home for Christmas?

If December hasn’t started yet, the Christmas spirit intensifies a little more every week. Shortening days, falling temperatures unveiled Christmas windows and Christmas movies bursting onto screens, there is no longer any doubt: the holidays are upon us. No offense to the most recalcitrant. But specifically, when should you set up your Christmas decorations? All options at a glance.

When should you put up your Christmas decorations?

Though several camps disagree over when the celebrations will officially start, the wealth of beliefs and traditions may offer some insight. In the United States, custom dictates that we wait until the end of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of November (i.e. November 24, 2022). In France, the most popular date for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it remains the Sunday in Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas (i.e. November 27th this year). In the Orthodox tradition, which is perennial, especially in the Nordic countries, the Christmas tree is put up just in time for the celebration of Saint Nicholas on December 6, 2022.

Between impatience and tradition

While some prefer to start decorating the house for Christmas from December 1st, at the same time as the opening of the first window of the Advent calendar, others wait until December 13th (12 days before Christmas) or even December 21st (the Day of the winter solstice). Those who still think these dates are too early also wait until the last moment and sometimes start with the decorations on Christmas Eve.

On the other hand, the liveliest children’s souls conjure up the spirit of year-end celebrations the day after Halloween, with Mariah Carey at the top of the list. The latter justifies a study by the English psychoanalyst Steve McKeown. According to this, putting up Christmas decorations on time would take us back to childhood and cause a surge in dopamine, the happiness hormone. Do you decorate your house to be happy? The theory has something special to find among our regular readers.

Perhaps taken as a comforting glow with nostalgia during these trying times, in reality, the tree, garland of lights, baubles and other Christmas accessories are just waiting to be displayed. You just have to choose when.











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