The Best Decorating Ideas With Purple Walls

Full of personality and style, the purple wall is nothing obvious or ordinary. On the contrary, it is the perfect choice for those who want to build an “out of the box” decoration.

But to make the right choice, it is good to pay attention to some details, mainly because the purple colour can end up cartoonish and too dated if it is not used with balance and harmony.

So check out the tips below and get inspired to have your purple wall.

Purple: meaning and symbolism of colour

Purple is a controversial colour. Many people love and feel very close to her, others, however, prefer distance. This duality of colour is understandable. That’s because, in many cultures and traditions, purple is linked to positive feelings and ideas, while for others, the colour can even symbolize bad omens. 

In feng shui, for example, purple is the colour of wealth, prosperity, and nobility. So much so that only the rich wore the colour, such as the difficulty in obtaining the necessary pigments to dye the fabrics. However, in the West, the colour purple is closely associated with mysticism and spirituality. Purple, for example, is the colour of the sash worn by exorcist priests, as well as the colour of Halloween and witchcraft. 

However, the softer shades of purple, such as amethyst, symbolize transmutation and renewal, being widely used in meditative practices. The fact is that the colour purple brings with it the interference of two strong colours that stir human emotions: red and blue. The combination of these two colours results in the most diverse shades of purple. If, on the one hand, the blue of this mixture gives purple a milder and more relaxing side, the red causes agitation and dynamism.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for many people to come into contact with the colour purple and not be able to identify very well how they feel. 

Colour is a true mix of sensations and emotions. Because of this, it should be used with balance and moderation. With harmony, it is possible to create a modern, creative and stylish purple wall decoration.

How about now getting inspired with the following purple wall decor ideas? Check it out below:











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