Parisian Apartment That Cultivates A Sense of Colour

To accentuate the entrance’s spectacular character, we installed a triptych created from panoramic wallpaper on the three wall panels, dating from the same period as the apartment. The tone is set: each piece will take up one of the colours of this panorama, like a common thread. There is a memory of the eye, which brings comfort when one remains in tones already perceived. Hence the blue of the entrance, in direct connection with the triptych, but also the water green of the kitchen, the terracotta of the bedroom, the blush pink of the children’s room, etc. 

Transformed and personalized spaces 

It is also to bounce off the curves of this entrance that the owners have installed rounded joinery on the glass wall in the living room and the door to the dining area, as well as arches in the children’s room. But the most surprising thing for the designers was the renovation of the old pantry, very cramped, transformed into an elegant and comfortable dining area, and the windowless bathroom, which has become intimate with its muted and dark hues, and its furniture. in walnut. Finally, thanks to these very personalized spaces, the question of brightness no longer arises!

Come on a home tour with us through these exquisite Parisian decor photos:







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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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