What Does A Parisian Apartment Have?

The look of a Parisian apartment is easier to distinguish. It is a blend of modern and traditional trends that brings more aesthetics to the interior of each room. And for successful interior decoration, certain elements must be considered. Each of these elements is of great importance to sublimate the Parisian decor.

Moldings on the ceiling and the walls

Speaking of the decoration of Parisian apartments, the moldings are one of the inseparable elements. They bring a touch of ultimate refinement to the interior of each building. They are made from plaster. In addition, they allow obtaining various decorative elements. They are welcome in the corners of the rafter ceiling, along walls, and even indoor frames.

To bring more design to the interior of each room, the moldings are modernized over time. It is now possible to find moldings with innovative geometric shapes.

The fireplace

The fireplace is also one of the inseparable elements in the decor of an apartment in Paris. It is made of marble. Which improves the decoration of the room. In addition, this material is very practical for long winter evenings. It is used to warm the room.

To improve the embellishment of the room, a large mirror is installed on this sublime fireplace. You just have to find the right mirror model.

The floor

During these several years of existence, parquet is still in vogue. It is even the ideal partner for all Parisian floors. It is present in any Hausmmannian type interior. Among the different types of parquet, the one in point Hungary is very trendy. It brings an inimitable style to your interior.

Clever storage

Order is the keyword in a Parisian apartment. However, the space available is often limited to better arrange the interior. To optimize each room, choose adequate storage such as drawers and shelves. You can arrange several hiding places in all the rooms of the house. It is also a better idea to adopt multifunctional furniture. This one is a good solution for a  loft or a  studio.











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