Incredible Selection of Room Dividers from Different Materials

The room divider is a great solution to define a space without the need to build a wall or a wall. The option for hollow partitions has been found in several branches of architectural projects. The advantage is that this material partially separates without completely closing the gap. In addition, it gives the feeling of spaciousness bringing light to the entire chosen room, favoring air circulation.

This can be seen in many small apartments due to its functionality and uniqueness, also as decorative element. With that, in the decoration area, we can find them in different styles and shapes. Traditional screens, iron railings, blinds, cut-out wood panels, cobogós or even bookcases that communicate with two environments. See below the benefits and use of some materials:

Cobogó – they are generally square pieces, which can be of cement or ceramic. They are generally used for internal partitions between environments or for creative facades. It brings joy and personality due to the variety of colors it has on the market.

Wood – one of the most modern and varied ways that exist to divide the environment. Some partitions may arrive already styled and ready to be inserted in the place, while in others a good joinery project must be on hand to go according to the need of the space.

Metallic – the metallic panels are cast in steel sheets. Manufactured in different thicknesses, designs, and colors. Its use on stairs is recommended, creating a beautiful personalized panel.

The partitions are functional and everything went into the architecture and design of environments. Now follows a gallery with this element to make your home more charming without losing privacy:











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