Room DIviders As Decorative Elements

Today, most people live in small apartments, where one room has several purposes, therefore, and to achieve multi-functionality of space, we use partitions or dividers. Dividers represent an interesting detail in the interior. The living room in every home takes up most of the space, since it gather all family members.

Often the only wise decision is just to install some room dividers that will make a room for two, or will only enclose a small part of the room where we have a little privacy for studying, working, etc. Whether it comes for a child’s room or kitchen, room dividers can be a very nice detail in the apartment. For what type of divider will be decided, usually depends on the size and shape of the room. See some creative solutions, and make your choice!


Image via Joel Barbitta, DMax Photography


Tags: Room Dividers, room partitions

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