17 Stylish Space Dividers For Every Room

Often the only smart solution if have less space in the apartment, is just to install some room dividers that will divide one room, or will only enclose a small part of the room to have a little privacy for studying, working, etc. Whether it is a child’s room or kitchen, room partitions can be a very nice detail in the apartment. Partitions in a simpler way can solve the problem with the lack of the space. Although the primary function is to divide the space, they have a strong visual role, and depending on the design can affect the overall impression of the interior.

They can be made of different materials. In the modern furnished apartments interesting solution are walls of glass blocks, that separate the space, but the glass with its transparency at the same time connects them into one whole. The easiest and cheapest interior partitions can be made by placing a stand alone space divider with fabric or wooden elements. Space dividers especially come to the fore in large rooms where we want to separate the kitchen from the dining room or bedroom from the study area. We present you some stylish solutions below in the photo gallery.







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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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