How To Choose And Match That Blue Carpet You’ve Always Wanted

Let’s get out of the ordinary and try something different in decor? We are talking about the blue carpet. This type of rug manages to transit through different decor proposals, in addition to being a great color choice for neutral environments. 

Keep following the post with us to find out more about blue carpet and how it can transform your décor.


How to match the blue rug in the decor

Blue is a color that conveys calm, tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, it is very welcome in environments such as the living room and bedrooms.

When thinking about the decoration with the blue carpet, it is important to keep this concept of the psychology of colors in mind, as this is one of the most prominent elements within a room. And how to combine it with the other colors? The first step to get the visual harmony of the environment right is to define a color palette, with blue as one of the main colors. 

In addition to it, choose one more color to be the backdrop for the decoration, usually used on the walls and ceiling. White, for example, is a great option for those who don’t want to risk too much. Then you can choose one or two more colors to create contrast and bring movement. If you want a sophisticated and modern environment, a good tip is to insert some black elements and other metallic tones, such as gold. 

In a modern and relaxed proposal, the carpet’s blue can be contrasted by complementary colors, that is, those that are opposite to the blue within the chromatic circle. This is the case with yellow and orange. These colors can be present in the decoration through the pillows, lamps, and even the paintings.

But if you want a decor with a rustic touch and a boho atmosphere, the tip is to bet on the blue carpet combined with earthy tones, such as terracotta or woody tones, for example. The composition is warm and welcoming, without ceasing to be modern and elegant.

Blue Carpet Cleaning Care

One very important thing about blue carpet is cleanliness. As it is a type of carpet that has been dyed and pigmented, it can easily stain, especially if it comes in contact with aggressive chemicals. 

Therefore, when cleaning your blue carpet, just use a vacuum cleaner. To remove stains, do not use bleach or other strong chemicals. Use as little neutral detergent diluted in water as possible. Hot water should also be avoided as it tends to fade fabrics.

Check out now our 9 ideas on how to use the blue carpet in decor and get inspired:











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