10 Living Room Rugs That Will Bring Your Home to Life

The moment has come! You choose the color palette and your dream sofa and now it’s time for you to make them work together. There’s an element that you should forget not, and that’s the rug! The rug plays a major role in the decor of the living room since it covers most of the floor and can make a huge stylish statement. So you don’t get lost or overwhelmed while choosing your sofa there are some cues that the interior designers use to get things right.

The question is do you want materials like jute, sisal, or natural design? Or, maybe you want to make a statement by having a patterned design? Everything is possible, even mixed combinations! Here are the 10 rugs for living rooms of all styles and sizes to inspire you!

1. Muted Blues

Look at this muted blue-and-grey rug that perfectly fits this New York apartment.

2. Wave Design

For a Malibu getaway, you can always choose a wave design rug that will boost your mental voyage. It’s an endless paradise, right?

3. Cowhide

This one is a great foundation for a custom cocktail table. Cheers to the rug!

4. Pattern on Pattern

This is a Persian rug with notes of black, red, pink, and gold. There is a burnished gold couch that is placed atop of the rug and somehow all of this works against a white, gray, and black painted floor.

5. Silk Rug

Richard Powers for Elle Decor

The silk rug looks splendid with the decor of this perfectly designed living room. We would want to sit and enjoy in this living room for a long time. Do you?

6. Striped Blue rug

Blue and white living, room, blue striped rug, wooden and gold details… How can this not be one of the most wanted living rooms?

7. Contemporary Gray Rug

It occurred to us that maybe you can try to find your own words for the compatibility of this living room and that perfect modern and elegant gray rug.

8. Moroccan Rug

This living room features a Moroccan rug that catches the vibe of a fun, very alive in spirit and wild home.

9. Black-and-White Rug

The first thing that we could spot is this impeccable Scandinavian design, that we all love! This is a Danish weekend retreat, that bursts with gray, black-and-white notes. The rustic sense has been given with the wooden ceiling that makes such a warm impression.

10. Berber Rug

In the living room, the Berber rug gets the spotlight, because of the fact that is vintage (of course not only because of that lol)


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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