Franz Loft Project by Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev in Moscow, Russia

Project: Franz Loft Project
Architects: Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev
Location: Moscow, Russia
Photographs by: Courtesy of Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev

Franz Loft Project by Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev

With all of these modern projects taking up the spotlight, it is easy to forget the roots of luxury apartment designs – the classic style. The Russian interior designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev have completed the Franz Loft project keeping this in mind and unlike their modern apartment designs, they decided to mix it up with classic style elements, perfectly suiting for the French style building in which the apartment is located.

Franz Loft is a loft mixed with a classic style, because customers wanted a loft, and the architecture of the building is attributed to the French style, which is why this project name appeared. So there were moldings on the walls and the project became more classic, with existing modern furniture and more. The project was implemented for a family of two, when the children were only supposed, and in the process of implementation it turned out that the wife was waiting for twins and therefore the nursery was urgently redone for two children.

-Project description and photographs provided by Pavel and Svetlana Alekseev


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