Discover the most popular decor trends on Airbnb in 2024

A trip is a multitude of new experiences that change everyday life and completely disorient us by taking us out of our habits. And the accommodation we choose when we go on vacation is now an integral part of these new experiences! We now want to enjoy an interior that meets our current desires but also decorating trends.

Airbnb has understood this new expectation from travelers, so the platform has partnered with Julia Rouzaud, founder and artistic director of Goodmoods, to identify the 5 key decor trends for 2024. We are deciphering these decorating trends you will surely see as much in your Airbnb rentals as in your personal interior in 2024.


Nothing better to get away from it all than an interior that reflects the culture and character of the place you are visiting. And that’s good, Mexico has personality, and we love it.
Bright colors combined in a combination full of joy, geometric patterns, playful decorative touches, floor-to-ceiling tiling… Would you like a little margarita again?


Synonymous with elegance, black makes a strong comeback in our interiors, and adorns rooms like the kitchen here with a total look. Combine it with a light floor and shiny metallic touches to appreciate it even more and not make the space seem smaller than it is. We play with materials by finding them on wood or marble, we choose different finishes such as glossy and matte, to maintain a touch of dynamism and prevent it from falling too flat.


For a real, well-deserved break, choose accommodation with a decor that doesn’t overdo it, inspired by the American Shaker movement which influenced the refined design of the Scandinavians. Neutral colors, wooden furniture, a few useful accessories… A real visual rest is good when we are so busy the rest of the year.


We love wood in all its forms, but in 2024, it is raw wood that appeals to us the most. Both simple and refined, it makes our interior more cozy and warm – everything we want when looking for accommodation for the holidays! In this open kitchen, the raw wood of the beams and furniture set the tone for a natural decor, which does not forget to be elegant when combined, as here, with stainless steel furniture.


If we have never stopped appreciating it in the field of architecture, Art Nouveau is making a notable return in our interiors in 2024, with a more contemporary and refined look.
If we find the key elements of this visually rich style, such as rounded curves and floral patterns, we can more easily integrate small touches into our decor.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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