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Studio apartments are homes designed for one person or at most a couple, with almost all the open space and located especially in large cities.

In Spain, luckily or unfortunately, most of us live in a building, with all that it means. It is not that in other European countries they do not live in flats or buildings, but that they only do so in the center of the cities, as soon as we move a little away from it, the neighborhoods are of single-family residences, semi-detached houses, and villas, which affects the extension of the cities, much bigger than the Spanish ones.

We for decades have prioritized living near the center and that for thousands of people could only be achieved if many of us did it in the same square meter, that is, on top, in flats. Over the years we have realized how important it is to get out of that environment of so much concrete and traffic and it is more common for new constructions to be urbanizations of townhouses, further from the center with greener surroundings.

For many villas or townhouses that we show you, it is the small apartments that interest you the most, something completely understandable, taking into account what we said about the apartments in Spain. Small but very well laid out, beautifully finished, and decorated tastefully with designer furniture like shelving with String storage modules, the Egg chair, or the Eames chairs that give it this midcentury modern touch.

Do you like it? Would you live in such a studio in the center? What do you think of the theme that we live in buildings, while Europeans live in houses? Would you change it?











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