Choose the Ideal Bathroom Floor & the Trendy Materials

The bathroom is one of the most fun rooms in the residence to design! It is small, easy to plan and therefore cheaper to decorate. However, it takes time and dedication to the choices to be made correctly. To help you with this task, we have separated some important tips on the bathroom floor, check out:

The first question that arises when purchasing a new apartment is whether it is worth changing the floor. This is a question for the residents to choose from! The standard floor of the construction company is white porcelain, which, according to the rules of decoration, is a simple and neutral finish. You can have great results using this floor, without having to invest in a new one, for example.

Now, for those who choose to renovate the apartment or the house, the most suitable type of floor is porcelain tile. There are a variety of models on the market and they are the most resistant for this type of environment.

For those who want to escape the traditional (white or porcelain), one idea is to venture into other materials. The tiled floor, usually colored, is perfect for bathrooms with toilets and white walls. If you want to invest, a marble bathroom is striking and lasts for many years. To clarify more doubts and know which is the ideal floor for your bathroom, get inspired by these projects and the types of materials to make the right decision:

Bathroom Floor – Porcelain

Before you go shopping for any porcelain tile, check if the model is non-slip or if it has an enamel finish. These are the most suitable for the wet area, as they do not slip or mark the floor with water splashes. Polished porcelain tiles have a shine and a satin touch. If you choose this model, try to insert a carpet on the surface to avoid accidents.


Bathroom Floor: Tile

The tiles have different patterns, sizes, shapes, and can be easily applied to the bathroom floor. With its trend in decoration, the market offers endless stores with this type of product. See some compositions made with him on the bathroom floor.


Bathroom Floor: Hexagonal

The trend – hexagonal continues this year. They work similar to tablets, with the difference of their bolder shape in the environment. It is also possible to work with the mix of colors: just try to study the pagination so that the result is beautiful and harmonious with the rest of the bathroom.


Bathroom Floor: Wood

Wood is cozy in any space. Ideally, it should be applied in a deck format, from the shower area to the toilet location. The thinner the rulers, the more elegant they become in the environment!


Bathroom Floor: Pebbles

Pebbles are a different option for those who want to innovate on the bathroom floor. It can be applied manually (one by one) or on screens to streamline the process. It is not necessary to make a waterproofing, as long as a layer of resin is made over the floor.

Bathroom Floor: Marble

Stone is the most expensive material of all those previously mentioned. Its great differential is in the final look that oozes elegance and sophistication. The marble trend happens in the decoration and even in the design of objects, such as vases, crockery, candlesticks, etc. Its appearance with stains and contrasting veins is what marks this type of material! If you want to invest a little more, look to cover the entire bathroom.



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