Bathroom Decor: Cement Tiles

How to use cement tiles in your bathroomIt’s a fact, cement tiles have become extremely popular again in recent years. It must be said that the manufacturers have worked hard to offer a particularly large range of models.

I know you love these little tiles with vintage charm. So today we suggest you discover how to use them in your bathroom. On the floor or on the walls, you can give a real personality to your room!

Cement tiles for the bathroom floor

To start, it is on the floor of your bathroom that we suggest you lay your cement tiles. They will allow you to create an atmosphere either retro or contemporary.

As in the first photo, you can use tiles with a geometric pattern in black gray and white. You can put them on the ground and under the base on your walls to create a beautiful visual unity.

Then, for more traditional bathroom decor, you can choose cement tiles with a more retro pattern. Then do not hesitate to match your decorative elements with the colors of your tiles.

To avoid having an all-white bathroom, with a slightly too clinical decor, you can use cement tiles. They can bring a nice contrast to your room and considerably enhance its decoration. Then, if you want to play the total vintage look, do not hesitate to combine your cement tiles with a hip bath and a sink with a retro look.

Finally, you will undoubtedly want to reproduce the decor of the last bathroom. Indeed, the combination of graphic cement tiles and the Scandinavian sideboard used in the vanity unit is a real wonder!



Cement tiles to decorate the walls of the bathroom

If you do not want to put cement tiles on the floor of your bathroom, know that you can also use them on the walls! Good, it will be tiling taking the aspect of cement tiles but the result will still be very nice.

You can, for example, use the patterns of cement tiles to decorate one of the walls of your bathroom. You will be able to choose a pattern and a color to match the rest of your decoration.

Then, you can create a cement tile base in your water room. This will give a particularly original style to your decor. You can create this base on a white wall and create a contrast with your tiles. You can also put them on a colored wall.

Then, if you wish, you can use cement tiles to decorate the walls of your shower. As you can see in the fourth photo, you will be able to create a beautiful graphic atmosphere in your bathroom.

Finally, don’t hesitate to play with the total look! Indeed, you can put cement tiles on your floor and dress one of your walls with the same pattern. The result should undoubtedly please you!




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