7 Ideas of Blackboard Wall That are Perfect for Your Kitchen

Decorating a house with the blackboard wall is an excellent option for those who want to let their creativity run wild, integrating environments with messages from residents. With little investment and the right material, you can apply chalkboard paint to a specific wall in the room: it can be the kitchen, the double room, the children’s room, and other environments.

Children love to draw, so the children’s room and children’s play areas are ideal spaces to receive the painting, allowing free drawings and colorful messages. The blackboard wall can be made with specific paint or even with contact paper, follow this article to see the step by step to assemble yours in a simple and practical way.

To facilitate your viewing, see the best environments decorated with chalkboard walls, from kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and much more. Here’s an addition to the classic blackboard in the kitchen, and there is a demand for different shades to have a colorful wall. With the use of the right material, you can have a fun and colorful corner, running away from the black color pattern. Here are some examples:









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