20 Mind-blowing Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Designs You Will Obsess Over

The mid-century modern style is one of those vintage styles that keeps making a return. If you would see some examples of it, you would have no wonder why it is a style that is still gaining in popularity even though it originates in the 1960s. This style delivers a very warm and cozy look in a clean, modern fashion. It might remind you of the contemporary and modern styles, but that is because it is where those styles originate from.

To show you the true beauty of this style, we are going to deliver a complete showcase of the mid-century modern home, and where better to begin than the kitchen – the central hub of any home. So, welcome to our new compilation of interior ideas where you will see 20 Mind-blowing Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Designs You Will Obsess Over. Explore these awesome ideas and you will fall in love with this style. Enjoy!

1. 1960s kitchen idea in Portland

2. Oak House

3. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

4. 1954 Mid Century Ranch Home, Napa, CA

5. Stunning Fairfax, CA Remodel

6. Holly Hill II

7. Mid-Century Kitchen

8. Del Mar Meadow House

9. Eichler Kitchen Renovation

10. Falls Church VA Kitchen

11. Woodside – Entire House Remodel

12. Sunset Cliffs Project

13. Modern Bungalow

14. r/k house

15. S house

16. Uptown Mid Century Mod

17. Cedar Island Residence

18. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

19. Sunrise-Sunset House

20. Vaughan Townhome


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