60’s Decor Inspiration For Your Lovely Home

The 60’s live! Whoever thought that this decade was in the past made a big mistake. And the greatest proof of this influence these days is the 60’s decorInspired by the rebelliousness and cultural effervescence of the time, this style of decoration is full of authenticity, creativity, and daring.

So let’s relive the 60s and find out how to bring it back through decoration? Follow the reading:

The 60s: a new way of life

To understand the decoration of the 60s, it is first necessary to understand what impact this decade brought to society.  And it was no small thing! This was one of the most revolutionary and iconic periods in history. 

The Vietnam war, the birth control pill, TV, the arrival of the man on the moon, the mini skirt, rock bands, plastic, oriental mystique, hippies, the Woodstock festival are just some of the elements that helped give body and shape to the 60s.  Not to mention the cultural impact that drugs, especially hallucinogenic and psychedelic ones, such as LSD, brought to the time. 

Psychedelia was widely portrayed in the subversive culture of the 1960s. It was in music, the fine arts, and even furniture and product design. Yes! Maybe you don’t even know it, but that favorite chair of yours could be the product of some 60’s design artist’s psychedelic journey.

All this mishmash of facts and events left a deep imprint on the style of the 60s and everything that involves this period is loaded with meaning.

Sixty touch

Adhering to 60s decor can be risky and too daring for many people. If this is your case, try to bring only a few references from the time. It can be a color, a print, an appliance, or an art poster. This sixty-sixty bit of decoration is already capable of having a great effect.

Check out 50, 60’s decor ideas, from the simplest and most modest to the boldest!












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