18 Awe-Inspiring Modern Home Exterior Designs That Look Casual

Most of the people who want to build a new house will choose to build it in the contemporary or modern style most of the time. These two styles are very close to each other and are mostly popular because of the clean and elegant design it gives to the house.
First check out our recent collection of:Β 12 Dream Contemporary Houses That Look Elegant and AttractiveΒ so that you can see the sheer size and exterior design of some great dream contemporary homes, so that you will have an idea of what we are talking about.
But the problem with the huge homes in the contemporary style is that they are too different from normal houses and you need to have an isolated place to build it on, otherwise it will stand out too much in a normal neighborhood.
That is why we have also made this collection ofΒ 18 Awe-Inspiring Modern Home Exterior Designs That Look CasualΒ and will fit in almost any neighborhood without standing out too much from the design of the nearby houses.


Cloud Street Residence

LG House

Modern Home Exterior

Montecito Residence

Stein Residence

Healdsburg Modern Vacation Home

SD House

Hilltop House | Grand Vista Subdivision


30th Street Residence


Modern Home Exterior in Oakville, Ontario

Rosenthal Residence

Modern Home Exterior

Boxenbaum Residence

the summit

OZ House


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