16 Unusually Cool Eclectic Home Exterior Designs You’ll Be Interested In – Part 2

The eclectic home exterior designs are the last batch of designs from this showcase of the eclectic home design style. But we’ve already shown you quite a lot of designs of eclectic home exteriors in the first part of this collection. In this second part, we are going to show you even more amazingly unusual and creative designs of eclectic homes which are a very good source of ideas that can both inspire and motivate you to change something in your home.

Welcome to the last collection from the eclectic style showcase which features 16 Unusually Cool Eclectic Home Exterior Designs You’ll Be Interested In – Part 2. With this collection we are going to wrap up the entire showcase of the eclectic home design style which has featured designs of eclectic interiors such as the kitchen, bathroomliving room, bedroomdining room, kids’ room, home office, staircase and entrance as well as outdoor designs in the eclectic style such as the porch, deck,landscape, patio and swimming pool. Enjoy!

Myrtle Street Laguna Beach

Eclectic Home Exterior

Hazlewood Ave, Eagle Rock

The Mud and Wood House

Royal Elk

Marfa weeHouse

High Ridge Ranch

House 16

Monica’s Resevoir

Wilton Residence

Lakefront Cottage – “The Treehouse”

El Paso


Brightness and Creativity in a Live-Work Townhouse

Artist Studio

Cedar Bowl Residence


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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