16 Captivating Multifunctional Room Dividers To Spice Up Your Living Space

The universal popularity of creating an open living space, means that its owners are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to create a layout without using wall surfaces. This concept of the living space is liberating and entertaining, and very often leads to unique spatial solutions, which in any other case would remain unnoticed.

Modern room dividers definitely are in this category, because can be found in many combinations and creative forms that will save a lot of your free space. In this way, there is a combination of aesthetic, ergonomic and functional characteristics that can be combined together, and the results will be amazing. You will get multifunctional space divider, which in the same time, will serve more purposes. For example, the space divider can also be mini vertical garden, TV-stand, bookshelf, etc… The ideas are countless, you just need to find suitable design for your own space. You can also opt for DIY space dividers, if you don’t want to spend a lot money on this element. They also create an opportunity for recycling and reuse of old materials and necessary components, for creating something new and super functional. Browse our collection and you will be surprised from our inspirational examples!

Image via Alan Tansey

Image via Hertha Hurnaus

Image via Adam Letch


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