Yes to Parquet, but Which One to Choose?

Parquet is by far the most attractive type of floor covering. Imagine, no more small 70s tiles, parquet displayed in ut interiors warming up the atmosphere. These days, there is an infinite variant of parquet style and suddenly when we have to choose we no longer know where to give head. We tried to summarize something for you and to direct you if you are in the process of renovation and looking for some freshness in your home interior.

It all starts with the floor.  Let’s go around on the different parquet variants!


Wide slats against wide narrow. Who wins? About ten years ago I would have told you wide slats but today the more the blades are narrow the better! Why I speak only of style and trends, the narrow slats refer to the Scandinavian style that we still love as much and above all reflect a more natural side of the parquet.


Again, for the color of the parquet, there is a multitude of choices. History not to get tired and get an airy atmosphere in your interior, I recommend light shades like here, blond chain or bleached light gray. My favorite comes back to the white parquet !! I’m a fan fan fan.

What if I already have a parquet? You can give it a second life! You can relook a parquet without stripping with Sublim Bois, the easy renovation product of the brand Mauler. If you were tired of your too dark parquet, you do not have to change it.


What is important to know? Raw parquet does not have the same price as laminate parquet. Count about 50 € per m2 against 15 € for laminate. Crude has several disadvantages, its price therefore but also the fact that it cannot be installed in damp rooms and the maintenance it requires, etc., for all these reasons laminate seems to be a good solution. However, in terms of appearance, nothing will replace a beautiful rough parquet but it is sometimes very well imitated so you can go for it.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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