Parquet Flooring In Your Home- 17 Beautiful Examples

Parquet as flooring is the best and longest-lasting solution for different types of buildings. Beside in the homes, it is used in other public buildings, schools, sports halls, because the wood as a natural material has good mechanical and insulation properties and a number of other features such as good acoustic features, color and natural look. Parquet has several characteristics such as good processing and production, wood species from which it is made, dimensions and class of the parquet.

People pick parquet as the most popular for flooring due to aesthetic reasons. Wherever you place it, either in the living room, hall, office or on the terrace, parquet will enrich that space with its appearance. Will give him extra warmth and color, and will make the space warmer and more comfortable. From ancient times, parquet floors were used as a symbol of luxury and elegance. Beside the aesthetics, wood parquet flooring have good thermal insulators, pleasant for walking and embellish the atmosphere of every home. Unfortunately, they also have some drawbacks, such as sensitivity to moisture, blow and scratches, but with quality lacquer such problems can be almost completely removed.

Below you can see some great examples that will help you to choose if parquet is the best solution for flooring in your home!


Image via Jake Fitzjones Photography Ltd


Image via Open Homes Photography


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