Wonderful Models Of Giant Puffs For Your Special Place At Home

Is there anything better than throwing yourself in a giant puff? Comfortable and soft, this is the missing element to make your days more relaxing and, why not, a little lazier too.

But before taking yours home, check out the giant puff tips and ideas that we’ve separated here in this post. They will help you make the best choice, check it out:

How to choose the giant puff


The shape of the giant puff says a lot about how you intend to use it and what style you want to decorate. The giant round puff, for example, is more suitable for those who intend to use the piece to lie down and spend more time relaxing, watching a movie, or reading a book. The round puff model is also the most suitable for those who intend to use the garment to sleep.

The oval puff, also known as pear, has a backrest and allows for greater comfort to be used sitting or reclining. Therefore, it ends up being the preferred model for TV rooms, game rooms, and children’s rooms. Puff models with irregular shapes or models that simulate objects and figures, such as fruits and animals, for example, have a more decorative than a functional function, being very suitable for transitional spaces, where people stay for a short time.

Another option is the square or rectangular giant puff models. These are mostly used as support and often end up as a coffee table in the living room.


The color of the puff helps define the style of decor it will be part of. A modern and relaxed decor, for example, combines with giant ottomans in bright and cheerful colors, while a more clean decor calls for models of ottomans in neutral tones, such as white, gray, and black.


Despite its name, the giant puff can vary widely in size. There are the smaller ones and the really big and very spacious ones. And of course, the size of the room is what will make all the difference when choosing the puff. If the space is small, prefer a reduced size puff, with a maximum of 70 cm in diameter. Already a wide environment, you can invest in a more powerful and proportional model.

Your use of the puff will also help you determine the size. For those who want to spend more time lying in the place, it’s worth betting on a bigger model. But if the puff is only used for sitting or with a more decorative effect, prefer the smaller ones, with about 40 cm to 70 cm in diameter.


Look carefully at the material used in the puff coating, ie, the fabric. It needs to be comfortable but also easy to clean. The puffs with fabric such as suede, polyester, and spandex are soft, comfortable, and do not heat up during the summer. However, they are more difficult to clean as well as being more susceptible to stains. The tip also applies to puffs with crochet covers.

But if you still want to bet on some of these fabrics for the giant puff, then prefer those that have a removable cover, this way cleaning is easier, as you just remove the cover for washing. On the other hand, puffs made with leatherette-type fabric or synthetic leather are simple to clean and do not absorb stains. A cloth dampened with neutral detergent is enough to clean this type of fabric.


Most puffs have Styrofoam filling or rather small Styrofoam beads. They mold to the body, ensuring softness and comfort. Other puff models can be filled with foam. However, this type of filling tends to lose comfort over time, which will require replacement with a new filling. Therefore, whenever possible, prefer a puff filled with polystyrene beads.

Want more giant puff ideas to inspire your decor? So check out the images we’ve selected below and let your creativity speak louder:











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