Why Is The Warm Minimalism So Fashionable

If we add a good dose of naturalness to the motto “less is more”, the result is calm and serene environments, as demonstrated by the trend that is sweeping interior design. Write down your keys!

Why it triumphs

The ecological crisis that the planet is going through, together with the busy world of urban life, pushes us to look for places to pick ourselves up, comforting and serene spaces that make us feel good. We dream of a natural, relaxed and authentic way of life… In short, of going back to the origins, to the simple, of reducing things to the essential and getting rid of the superfluous.

Let the light in!

Enhancing natural light is one of the bases of this decorative style, as it undoubtedly helps a lot to achieve a more welcoming and appealing space. Dress the windows with light fabrics in neutral tones or, if you have shutters, do not rule out leaving them undressed to allow a greater flow of light.

One point “raw”

A good way to achieve unique and personal environments is to complete the decoration with the odd piece of raw wood furniture, with all its imperfections. They are pieces that keep the charm of the genuine and that, without a doubt, will help you to put this point of authenticity in the decoration.

Warm hues

What colors dominate this type of decoration? If you want a super warm minimalistic aesthetic to dominate your home, it’s easy: start with aΒ  neutral base, with walls and upholstery in white or raw tones, and then add contrasting brushstrokes in a warm color palette: from beige and sand tones to ocher and brown.

Play with the textures

And especially with those that provide us with fabrics. Of course, do not abuse either: the goal is to enrich the decoration, but if you mix many you run the risk of generating a feeling of chaos and, with it, disorder. Choose plain designs or with discreet motifs, nothing flashy.

Nordic, Japanese and Mediterranean mix!

Warm minimalism fuses the best of Nordic style with Japanese aesthetics and Mediterranean environments to achieve clear spaces, with few pieces but very well chosen, in which order, simplicity, and functionality prevail. For example, when decorating your coffee table, a couple of books as a pedestal for a typical wooden figurine from the Nordic countries will be more than enough.


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