What Is Stencil And How To Apply It in Your Home

Tips for decorating and renovating the house are always welcome, aren’t they? Even more when these tips are of the BBB type: good, beautiful, and cheap. And that is the case with the stencil.

This creative painting technique allows you to decorate walls, furniture, and any other type of surface you want to change. Want to find out more about the stencil? Then come and see all the tips and ideas that we have separated.

What is a stencil?

The stencil is a hollow design mold used for painting walls and other surfaces.

The mold can be made in different materials, even paper. But ideally, it should be made of some resistant material, such as acetate or even radiographic plates. You can apply any type of drawing to the stencil, including letters. One of the biggest advantages of the stencil is the possibility of reproducing drawings on a large scale, even by those who do not know how to draw.

How to apply the stencil

The first thing you need to do is decide which color of paint will be used on the stencil.

That done, start painting. Attach the stencil to the wall with adhesive tape to prevent it from moving. Load the paint roller with the paint, but don’t overdo it. Excess ink can drip and smudge your entire drawing.

It is also important not to put too much pressure when applying the paint. Gently roll the roll over the stencil in a back and forth motion. For a complete wall painting, start at the top left and finish at the bottom right.

And, if by chance, the paint gets past the stencil and dirty the wall, wipe it off immediately.

Stencil in decoration

Shapes and designs

The stencil is very versatile. Whatever you imagine you can do with it. Geometric shapes are very common and popular, especially for modern decorations.

For those who prefer something more personalized, they can choose drawings and illustrations that reflect the lifestyle of the residents, such as, for example, mandalas and flowers. Another form that is widely used in stencils is the arabesques that give a classic and retro touch to the environments.

The signs are another interesting stencil option. You can write words, names, and anything else on the tile.


Stencil in the room

The room is one of the preferred environments for applying the stencil. Here, you have the option of using it as wallpaper, covering the entire area, or even using a single large stencil forming a panel. Preferably, choose the most prominent wall for the stencil. It could be the TV or the sofa.

The colors and design of the stencil will depend on the style you want to give to your room.

Stencil in the room

The rooms, whether for children, young people, or adults, are generally more neutral and relaxing environments. Therefore, the idea is to use a stencil of design and soft colors to harmonize with the rest of the decoration.

Stencil in the bathroom

The bathrooms and especially the washrooms are beautiful with the application of the stencil. Try covering the entire wall or just doing one detail. The result will surprise you. 

Stencil in the kitchen

The kitchen is another interesting place to use the stencil and renew the decor. Choose a prominent wall and use colors that help to highlight the environment.

Want more stencil ideas? Then come and see the images we’ve selected below and start getting inspired to do it too.










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