What are the best hanging plants?

No more space on your furniture or on the floor to accommodate new green plants in your home? Fortunately, there are suspensions! They are installed on the ceiling and let cascades of greenery flow over your amazed heads. But which plants are the most suitable for this culture in height? Here is our selection of hanging plants that will like to take you high.

The Tradescantia, the best hanging drooping plant

The tradescantia, also called ephemeral (because its flowers only live for one day) and more commonly misery, works wonders in suspension, letting its shiny, plain or variegated foliage flow. This hanging plant supports all situations (or almost). However, it prefers bright light (no direct sun). Note that variegated varieties will be less colorful if placed in partial shade (and that would be a shame!)

As for watering, we can proceed weekly from February to September and a little less for the rest of the year. Even if it should not be abused, poverty tolerates forgetting to water.

Cuttings are easy: just place a piece of stem with a few leaves in the water.

Hoya, the best hanging tropical plant

Hoya is a semi-succulent tropical plant. There are many varieties of hoyas: in a suspension, we choose a species with a hanging habit such as hoya australis, a waxy hoya (or hoya carnosa), or a hoya bella (or lanceolata). If its leaves can be very decorative, the hoya surprises with its spectacular flowering to which it owes its nicknames of “porcelain flowers” or “wax flowers”.

The hoya likes to feel cramped, do not offer him a pot that is too big and does not repot him too often. Find a sunny location for your hoya, but without direct sunlight and avoiding drafts.


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