The Best Decorative Ideas For Your Hanging Plants In The Home & Outdoors

Impossible to live without plants at home? There is a solution so that you can add the ones you like the most and without subtracting meters: hanging plants. Get inspired and choose your favorite option. Here we go!

The indoor and outdoor hanging plants that we like the most

  1. Poto. It is one of the most resistant indoor plants and an ally for those who do not take good care of plants. Just be sure to add a little water to it and put it in an area with indirect light, and voila!
  2. Philodendron. Its heart leaves are very peculiar and recognizable. It needs very little care: little watering and indirect light.
  3. Headband. It is another of the indoor plants most desired by beginners in the care of the natural world. It is also known as the ‘spider’ plant and does not require much watering. Once a week and add it in a space with indirect light.
  4. Velvet nettle. Its shaded purple leaves are highly recognizable, adding a pop of color to spaces instantly. They need indirect light and watering once a week.
  5. Sedum morganianum or burrito. For succulent lovers, this is the indoor hanging plant you need. It grows very fast, needs indirect light and watering every two weeks.
  6. Monstera. Are there hanging monstera plants? The answer is yes. They can grow like a vine. They do not need too many irrigations, once a week. And as for the light, better indirect.
  7. Fern. Ferns are one of the favorite hanging plants, although they require a cool and humid environment. As for its irrigation, better every 5-7 days.
  8. Rosary plant. It is also suitable for beginners in plant care. Provides freshness and decorates any corner of the house. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is located in a space with a lot of light.
  9. Dolphin necklace. It is very similar to the rosary plant. The only difference is that it grows in the shape of small dolphins, hence its name. It holds up well in low light (great for bathrooms) and needs water every two weeks.


Plants bring peace and freshness to any corner of the house. Whether they are indoor or outdoor plants, they do not fail. Houses with plants have another light. But, indeed, you cannot always add plants on the floor or the shelves. The best solution is hanging plants. They gain meters and also take up practically no space at home. Stick with these ideas and choose your favorite spot for your hanging plants.


The hanging plants are suitable for decorating small corners of the house like this. They take up practically no space and also decorate instantly. In this case, an Epipremnum aureumpotus, or also known as potus, has been chosen. This plant is suitable for beginners due to its durability and resistance.


Add the finishing touch to plant-filled spaces like this one with the help of a hanging planter. The different levels when creating a corner of plants are key to getting it right.


The plants in the bathrooms manage to give a cozy and natural nuance. So if you don’t have space to place a plant on the floor or a shelf or counter, there is a solution. Go for sturdy houseplants like ribbon or ivy and hang them up!

Tips for hanging your plants

  • Be careful with the weight. Keep in mind that when you water the plants, you increase the weight.
  • Good grip. Whether on the wall or the ceiling, you have to make sure that the hanging plants are well supported.
  • Low traffic areas. When hanging, it is important to locate low-traffic areas. This way accidents are avoided.

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