Ways To Adopt Stripes In Your Decor

The mere mention of it is enough to propel us to the seaside, well-settled under an umbrella, the sound of the waves in the background. Physical manifesto of our desires for color inside, the stripe marks as much the spirits as the rooms of the house. From the mastered total Amalfi Coast look to well-chosen objects, from the bedroom to the living room, this iconic pattern injects a dose of the unexpected into the everyday decor. If we like the stripe in its thick and colorful version on a white background, it also knows how to bet on sophisticated chromatic variations that will seduce you. The proof of our inspirations piques curiosity. 

Invest in a striped patio set

Flagship motif of the golden age of the French Riviera, evoking both the vintage parasols and the deck chairs that populate the beaches, the stripe is as if intended to dress up the garden furniture. In an ultra-chic black and white associated with wrought iron or more colorful Amalfi Coast style, the stripe, from every angle, sounds obvious in its outdoor version, from the terrace to the balcony. 

Paint the kitchen ceiling with stripes

If the opening of this kitchen summons the most fashionable form of the moment (the arch), the ceiling is not left out. We love the combination of yellow and white stripes ideal for energizing, structuring and personalizing the kitchen. A well-felt stroke of paint that finally allows drawing a line under the classic white ceiling.

Hang striped wallpaper

This is an idea that will seduce the most daring! If the stripe affixed to the crockery or the bed linen evokes the seaside, it propels us more into an English cottage once on the walls. To be placed on a single side or on a base at the risk of creating a total look that is a bit visually cumbersome, striped wallpaper imposes its charismatic aura to awaken the decor.

Install a striped tablecloth

Freed from its utilitarian notion taken in the first degree, the tablecloth bends to all desires to dress the table and set the tone for any occasion. This summer, we forget the traditional white tablecloth and we dare pop prints for a vitamin atmosphere that will mark the memories. First, the stripes, of course. Riviera spirit guaranteed.

Use striped tableware

Food makes the taste buds travel, the dishes that contain it take the spirits a little further. Characteristic of Amalfi craftsmanship, the plates marked with thick and colorful stripes on a white background reflect our desire for color brought in by small touches and our burning desire to escape. All that’s missing is the spaghetti alle vongole to visualize the sea.

Play the total striped look in the living room

The golden age of the French Riviera seems to fascinate and the decorative sphere continues to shell, in our interiors, pieces marked with its emblematic motif synonymous with summer and lightness. Even if it means cracking up, you might as well succumb to the scratch on the flagship piece of the living room: the sofa. The less daring can set their sights on a pouf or an armchair.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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