Warm Up Your Interior With Decoration

In interior design and decoration, we classify materials, materials, and colors according to their degree of warmth. There are indeed materials that absorb and return heat better than others.

Raw materials such as wood, stone, as well as natural materials such as wool are perceived as warm. On the contrary, the worked materials such as glass, tiles, satin textiles are felt as cold. It’s the same with colors. White and blue are cold colors, while red and yellow are said to be warm. Obviously, there are many nuances in my remarks, with which you will have to maneuver.

The trick is to mix the two, especially if your base is rather cold. It will suffice to breathe in natural materials, plants … to warm the atmosphere of a room. It is not necessarily necessary to opt for bright warm shades like yellow, orange, or red. It’s the reflex we all have. Natural beige shades will be perfect.

Mixing materials and textures in a room will warm it up. So don’t hesitate to mix textured textiles such as velvet and dry textiles such as linen. This goes for the cushions on a sofa, but also the floor. The trend is true to layering rugs. We can thus, place a large carpet in coconut fiber, on which we will position a woolen carpet softer for the feet.

Harmonize the colors

The harmony of colors is also very important. It is not enough to choose bright and cheerful colors to warm up the atmosphere of a room. All the colors in a room, including materials, must respond subtly. We will choose slightly muted, darkened shades, especially if the room lacks light.

Play accumulation

Do not hesitate to accumulate textiles in strategic places such as the living room sofa or the bed in the bedroom: throws, soft cushions, animal skins, eiderdowns. This will give the impression of a cocoon, where you would want to curl up like a cat.

As a general rule, one will feel more welcome in a space “inhabited” by real people, populated by objects that are dear to them. Far from being in contradiction with the minimalism approach, which I often tell you about here, it is nevertheless necessary to accumulate objects so that the space is not cold. We will accumulate frames on a wall, place a few trinkets in the middle of the book … The difficulty is to have a common thread and not to clutter!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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