Tricks To Help Your Plants While You’re On Vacation

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy a well-deserved break with the family. But, before you go, it’s time to think about how to take care of the plants on your vacation. That way you won’t have to depend on anyone when you leave home for a few days. If you are lucky enough to have a neighbor or family member water the plants from time to time, great; but if not, there are more options.

If you leave for two or three days, if you water the plants with plenty of water, they will most likely last in perfect condition. Of course, you must put the plants in a shaded area, so that they are not affected by the heat. If you have plants of different heights, add the shorter ones below the taller ones, so they get more shade. If you leave home for more days, then take a pencil and paper. Discover how to take care of your plants in your absence, so that when you return they are in perfect condition.


It is the most used system to water plants when you are not going to be home for many days. To do this, an inverted bottle is usually used to do drip irrigation. It is very easy, and you will only need a bottle and water.

But how do put water bottles on plants? The first thing you should do is fill the bottle with water and make a slot in the cap. Once you have it, bury the bottle upside down in the pot. Keep in mind that the soil will receive a lot of water, so it is not advisable to do this type of irrigation for plants that are vulnerable to excess moisture.


Another way to take care of your plants on vacation, and one that works very well, is gel water. It is a type of hydrogel made up of water and nutrients that allows the plants to be watered little by little. As the soil dries up, the hydrogel progressively releases water.


Surely, at some time, you have seen these self-watering pots. They are one of the most innovative options to water the plants during your absence without difficulty. These pots have a tank that releases water according to the needs of the plants. Indeed, it is not the cheapest option, but it is the most effective if you are going to be on vacation for many days. These pots are safe, and decorative and allow watering to be done effectively.


One of the tricks to take care of plants on vacation is to make small individual greenhouses. If you have few plants and do not want to spend too much, it will be great for you. Simply, you will have to wrap the plants in transparent plastic to let the light through. At the bottom of the plastic, just below the pot, you should add a damp cloth. Then close the bag and voila.

In principle, thanks to the plastic, all the moisture should remain in the plant. If the plants are very large, we recommend that you do the same but in the bathtub. This type of irrigation is perfect for a few days of vacation.


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