Tips For Choosing The Perfect Iron Furniture For Your Home

Iron furniture is always reinventing itself.

In the past, they were full of adornments and ornaments. Nowadays, they stand out for their straight and well-defined lines. This is exactly why iron furniture is so versatile. They manage to transition between classic and modern in the blink of an eye. Come with us on this post and find out more about iron furniture and how to use it in decoration.

Iron furniture x decorative style

If you like the look of iron furniture, you already know that they leave nothing to be desired compared to other types of furniture. 

However, in order not to make mistakes in the aesthetic composition of the environments, it is important to determine the style of decoration and, thus, choose the most suitable type of iron furniture.

Modern iron furniture

Modern iron furniture is those with straight lines, without any type of adornment or detail. 

This type of furniture is very common in industrial-style decorations and is almost always combined with other types of materials, such as wood and glass, for example.

Retro Iron Furniture

Retro iron furniture is inspired by antique furniture but manufactured today. The main feature of this type of furniture are curves, rounded details, and details such as arabesques, for example. 

Restored iron furniture

There is also restored iron furniture. These are usually family heirlooms or collectibles that can be found in antique stores. Iron furniture can be restored keeping its original features, or modern interventions can be used, such as a new weld to gain current formats or a vibrant and colorful painting, especially in shades such as yellow, purple, blue, and red.

Rustic iron furniture

Rustic iron furniture is often very popular in outdoor areas of homes, such as gardens and porches. This type of furniture, as well as the retro style ones, have details and curved shapes in its structure.

Iron furniture with other materials

Iron furniture can be made entirely of iron or mixed with other materials. This mix is ​​very common in modern iron furniture, where generally only the structure is made of iron, while the other parts take shape in materials such as wood, glass, and marble. 

This is the case, for example, with dining tables, coffee tables, or side tables. This type of furniture usually has the feet or the base in iron, while the top is made of another type of material.

Caring for iron furniture

To ensure the durability and beauty of iron furniture, it is important to maintain some basic care. The first is to avoid exposure to water, as the combination of iron and moisture results in rust. In the case of iron furniture for outdoor areas, try to keep the paint always up to date to avoid the risk of corrosion. When cleaning, use products such as neutral detergent that can clean and remove grease without damaging the paint or material.

Make sure that after cleaning, the furniture is completely dry, ok?

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