The radiator shelf, a pretty and practical accessory

What better way to warm up our interiors now that winter has arrived than with radiators? But how should this minor component be sublimated for the winter? Adopt the radiator shelf; it’s a charming and useful addition that will breathe new life into your interior design.

Why would you place a shelf on a heating element?

The radiator shelf offers several benefits. Additionally to covering the radiator, it also frees up space, which is important in compact homes!

It safeguards the walls

To start with, it shields your wall from heat damage. Ever notice how those gray stains start to appear on your walls right behind your radiator? The tablet will be your most valuable ally if you wish to avoid them!

This prevents clogging

Who says the radiators are dirty? And unavoidably, if they are covered in filth, they will perform worse! The tablet also protects them by delaying the entry of dust, which is another benefit.

It has a lot of storage space

Consequently, installing radiator shelves means giving oneself multiple places to keep items like books or small decorative items. Place your green plants somewhere, though, as the heat will be too hot for them.

How is a radiator shelf fixed?

There are two ways to fix your radiator shelf. It can be attached to plain or invisible brackets or just placed on the radiator. If you wager on this solution, make an effort to prefer a hefty tablet (such as one made of natural stone or marble) and take care to balance the weight of the items that will be placed. It will become more stable as a result!

Keep in mind that there are other shelf options with built-in fastening mechanisms that permit installation without requiring wall drilling!

The radiator cover is another alternative

The radiator cover, which is much more aesthetically pleasing, is used in the prettiest interiors. They become both functional and graphic due to their open front that lets the heat in. Even using caning as a material will provide a touch of old design!

Although the radiator casings are quite attractive, the amount of heat they discharge is still relatively little. In order to maintain a heating system that is truly efficient during a time when the climate is a serious issue, it could be smarter to rely on a radiator shelf.


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