The New Brilliance In The Home – The Arched Mirror

Would you like to optically enlarge your room?

Do you want to bring softness to your furniture and objects with strict and geometric angles? Opt for an arc mirror for your wall decoration! It will increase and brighten the space while bringing a lot of softness.


For a touch of the exotic in your interior design, this is the right model for you.

With this rattan mirror, you surf the travel decoration trend with an exotic character.

For example, in an entrance hall or in a bedroom, it will be very attractive if combined with plant wallpaper of soft pastel shades.


This large golden mirror to stand on one level is perfect to complete your outfit thanks to its oblong shape. Its attractive and modern brass finish harmonizes with multiple materials: wood, marble, waxed concrete…

In addition, the outlines are fine for a minimalist and refined rendering. Install it in the entryway next to coat hooks, a wooden bench, and a designer keychain, for a functional entryway!


The design of this golden mirror transports us to a chic country world.

The refined golden color highlights this beautiful decorative object.

Accessorize it with some plants, candles and marble statues to create a very trendy atmosphere full of charm. Don’t hesitate to hang it on the wall as a trumeau mirror.


This long decorative mirror is an example of the comeback of rattan. The combination of wickerwork and the frame in black lacquered rattan is very successful.

Its black border is the chic and elegant guarantee for this piece that is completely out of the ordinary. Its double arch design is also very attractive and unique.

For example, it will warm up a sophisticated Scandinavian decor with its revamped vintage spirit style.


Haven’t succumbed to the rattan trend yet? Surely this beautiful mirror will make you change your mind. The rattan is emphasized here: large diameter for the frame, rectangular wickerwork for the covering at the bottom.

We appreciate this model for its bohemian charm and attractive design. Hang it over a vintage dresser and accessorize with a raffia lamp to create a functional beauty space!


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