Arched Mirrors For A Rounded Reflections

With its rounded design resembling the shape of an arch, the arch mirror brings softness and roundness to the decor. But above all, it opens up new perspectives and creates interior depth. We prove it to you with these models of arched mirrors that we love!

1. Small Arch Mirror

With its perfect simplicity and timeless design, the small arch mirror will always find its place indoors! We imagine it both above a console in an entrance, placed on a piece of furniture, a shelf, or on the fireplace in the living room, hung above the basins in the bathroom or as a dressing table mirror in a bedroom. …

2. XXL arch mirror

The advantage of the large arch mirror is that you can put them on the floor! And the bigger it is, the more striking the effect will be. Indeed, in an XXL format, the arch mirror creates the illusion of a new room or an extension of it. One thing is certain, it allows you to visually enlarge the space with great elegance!

3. Classic Arch Mirror

To integrate the arch mirror in its most classic form, simply opt for a frameless arch model. The advantage of this model is that you can adapt it for any decorative style, from the most traditional to the most contemporary!

4. Wooden Arch Mirror

To integrate an arched mirror into a natural, Scandinavian, or country-style interior, there’s nothing like a wooden arched mirror! Combine it with furniture and decorative objects made of natural fibers and let the magic happen… Like all mirrors, install it near a window to perfectly reflect natural light!

5. Golden Arch Mirror

Do you want a model with a chic and elegant look? Set your sights on an arch mirror with a brass finish. With its refined frame and graphic patterns on the top of the mirror, this model does not lack character and refinement!

6. Cane Arch Mirror

Notice to all fans of vintage decor, fall for an arch mirror with a rattan frame! And since caning is still on the rise, you might as well take advantage of it! No doubt, the wicker arch mirror will give your interior a crazy charm…


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