The major decoration trends that we will see everywhere in 2023

By 2023, between grim reality and an urgent desire for fantasy, designers are gradually abandoning the neutral tones sustained by harsh minimalism in favor of slimmer silhouettes with spontaneous variations. Either a contrasting design but determined to celebrate diversity. On the one hand, chromatic maximalism gently picks up on the trend towards the 80s and their extravagant characteristics. On the other hand, rigorous and functional lines, are as if inherited from modernist architecture. Influences at the antipodes are nevertheless found around a common value: the use of sustainable and recycled materials. A look back in pictures at the trends that will shape 2023.

The color block in therapy mode

In 2023, the pastels are beautiful. It is a color block cure that is imposed on the rooms of the house. Since the outer horizon seems tinged with grey at the dawn of this winter, the interior relies on a “color therapy” to embellish lives. Base or upholstery version, for a total look or small touches, a chromatic palette of bright shades brings a healthy glow to post-pandemic living rooms. Sofas are the first to experience it, even among specialists in pastel shades such as Scandinavian brands, Broste Copenhagen and Hay in mind. In their wake, occasional furniture as small decorations plays an identical score.

Glass in all its states

Striated or tempered, colored or neutral, in 2023, glass is just waiting to be contemplated. Long relegated to the rank of “outdated” materials, glass once again dares to impose its elegant transparency on pieces of furniture. Technical and aesthetic, it is brought back to the fore by confirmed designers such as Muller Van Severen at Hay. In cabinet front or coffee table top version, accompanied by other characteristics-comrades of the eighties decade, the glass proves that it is not fragile but of an incredible delicacy to sublimate the decorations in search of singular purity.

The plaster wall lamp is required for wall decoration

From year to year, designer wall lights strive to appear more and more essential in interiors. For the coming seasons, the technique used is based on authenticity topstitched with modernity. In plaster or ceramic, the sconces celebrate the beauty of the gesture and the material worked by presenting ever more graphic shapes tinted with a purity exacerbated by the whiteness of the material used. 


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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