The major decoration trends that we will see everywhere in 2023

Here are some examples of the top decoration trends for 2023, including a flashy return to the 1980s, a pronounced preference for vibrant hues, and the emergence of sustainable materials.

Designers are increasingly moving away from the neutral tones carried by hard minimalism in favor of sleeker shapes tinged with spontaneous variations for the year 2023, between a sombre reality and an urgent demand for imagination.

Either a striking pattern that aims to celebrate diversity. On the one hand, a multicolored maximalism that subtly carries the 80s movement and its flashy traits. On the other hand, strict and practical lines appear to have been acquired from modernist architecture. The use of natural, ecological, and recycled materials is a value shared by influences from opposite hemispheres. Review in visual form the upcoming trends for 2023.

The color block in therapy mode

The pastels are lovely in 2023. The house’s rooms must adhere to a color-blocking cure. The interior uses “color therapy” to enliven lives because the exterior horizon appears to be tinged with gray at the start of this winter. A color scheme of vibrant tones gives post-pandemic living spaces a healthy glow, whether it’s in the base or upholstery version, for the entire room or just a few modest accents. Even among pastel shade experts like Scandinavian firms Broste Copenhagen and Hay in mind, sofas are the first to encounter it.

Glass in all its states

Glass is just waiting to be thought about in 2023, whether it is tempered, colored, or neutral. Glass, which has been long relegated to the category of “outdated” materials, now dares to force its exquisite transparency on furniture. Confirmed designers like Muller Van Severen at Hay bring it back to the forefront in terms of both technical and aesthetic aspects. The glass demonstrates that it is not fragile but rather has an exceptional delicacy to sublimate the decorations in pursuit of individual purity, whether it is used as a cabinet front or coffee table top, together with other characteristics-comrades of the 1980s decade.

Architecture applied to pieces of furniture

Architecture is more than ever a source of interest for designers, already well-recognized as a fascinating leitmotif on a number of wall coverings. The living room furniture, in particular, takes great pleasure in displaying these lines of practical purity, linked like a construction game of unyielding discipline. This surreal style is practised by the coffee table, bookcase, and console at the top, which occasionally features strange echoes of cult structures from architectural history. The Belgian company Ethnicraft, with its latest “Abstract” furniture collection and a number of freely inspired pieces, perfectly captures the expression of this significant trend.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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