The Keys For a Bright Home – Neutrals With Colors And Lots of Light

The reform project focused on updating the day area since the kitchen area was very small, there was hardly any natural light, and the spaces were too compartmentalized.

The premises for reforming this home were to achieve a home with spacious, bright, comfortable, and functional spaces designed for a large family with three small children. The priorities of the owner family were four: to get a comfortable kitchen with a large office designed for a family with small children, to have a living room as large as possible and with maximum natural light, to have a good dining room and, as a result, confinement, have a small space for an office area to be able to work from home.

The Hall

Upon entering the house, we find the hall. A space that makes a jog that helps to delimit the day and night areas. In this area, two custom-made cabinets with maximum capacity were designed and placed in this space, and a chest of drawers with a mirror was added.

Between the hall area and the access to the day area, we find a distributor with three spaces, a guest room with a bathroom, a laundry room, and a small room. The latter communicated with the corridor through a 1.30m opening with a sliding door to gain a space attached to the living room and create a small area where the children could play near the day area.

The day area: living room and kitchen

Within the project, one of the main concerns was transferring natural light from the living room to the kitchen, since the kitchen hardly had any natural lighting. To achieve this goal, from the interior design studio she decided to design a transparent dividing element that visually communicates the area of ​​the two dining rooms, the office dining room, and the dining room of the day area located in the living-dining room.

The lounge area includes a gallery with a large window where the interior designer placed the office area on one side and a reading area on the other. She designed a piece of furniture to measure that brought together four functions: distribution of spaces, TV cabinet, storage, and office. The space for the TV and storage was located in the center of the room in front of the sofas. This extends towards the gallery to create the office area with a desk and several shelves.

Behind the custom cabinet with the TV is the dining area. The designers designed a spacious space with a large extendable table and some shelves that already existed in the house and that they wanted to keep to dress up the space. The backs of the chairs are upholstered in three types of prints in tune with the wallpaper on the back wall, and with the cushions and accessories in the living room.

For the kitchen, neutral lines in wood and white have been used with a Nordic and timeless look. From the interior design studio, a very functional design was sought in which the work area was located on one side and the cooking area on the other. The kitchen furniture responds to neutral lines with a white Nordic look in a Rekker motorized design with opening sensors in the wall units and indirect lighting inside the base units, and a wooden countertop.

The master bedroom includes a dressing room and bathroom. At the foot of the bed, a custom-made piece of furniture was designed with many drawers to achieve maximum storage, and a module as a dressing table that becomes a second work area to telecommute if necessary.

The largest room was for the two children and the smallest for the baby. The double room includes a rail bunk bed with plenty of storage under both beds. The dimensions of the baby’s room marked the need to decorate it with just the right and necessary furniture in pale pink.


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