The Japanese lamp that enchants with atmospheric light

For the human organism, light is not only a question of convenience but survival. Without the life-giving sun, our existence would be unthinkable. We usually notice how important light is for us in autumn, when the so-called dark season begins. In order not to fall into a gloomy mood, atmospheric and pleasant lighting on your own four walls is particularly important. Of course, artificial light sources are always only a secondary substitute for natural light, but with the right light sources and lampshades, you can create a very pleasant atmosphere that can be stimulating, relaxing or just cosy, depending on your needs. Japanese lamps, such as those commonly used in Japan, are ideal for this. Here they made a virtue out of necessity and designed particularly beautiful lamps. Japanese lamps are among the most beautiful designs in this area. Despite their simple construction, they are very sophisticated light sources.

When it comes to Japanese lamps, many only think of the famous paper lanterns in which candles burn. And this thought is not entirely wrong either. After all, many modern Asian lamps are based on these historical models, except that electric lamps are also used today. In our time, of course, a certain standard of safety and environmental friendliness must be maintained, which is not a problem with original Asian lamps. High-quality Japanese lamps are more than just wood and paper. As impressive as the simple design is from an aesthetic point of view, the production of these simple-looking Japanese lamps is as complex. While cheap copies of Asian lamps are often made of plastic or inferior materials, real Japanese lamps are made of high-quality materials such as high-quality wood or bamboo and are covered with high-quality Japanese paper. In particular, the handmade shoji paper, which is also used in the well-known room dividers, makes a Japanese lamp authentic.


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