Spectacular Swedish penthouse

You don’t have to build a whole new house to gain access to significantly more space or create a completely new floor plan. Nowadays there are techniques and methods to easily add another floor to an existing house, extend both vertically and horizontally and also raise the roof.

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With a new attic or a roof lift, you can bring more living space into your existing house. A new penthouse can be built as a single storey in the form of an entire floor plan or by raising the roof and adding an extension. Regardless of the variant, you can keep the character and basic architecture of the house. The most common is to add a floor to a one-story house, but there are really no obstacles for you to arrange other solutions.

If you are planning an extension in the form of a roof extension with a roof lift or a complete roof extension, you should decide early on whether you have the knowledge and capacity to carry out the work yourself or whether you should hire specialist knowledge. The latter option is usually recommended.

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Look at this penthouse we found as inspiration in Gothenburg, Sweden:











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