Spanish Ranch-Style Home that Makes a Case for Green Accents

When you are determined to renovate a house in Newport Beach, California, the home to the iconic surfing spot, The Wedge, where eternal sunshine and flip flops are the only thing you need – you should hire an interior designer who describes her style as “California cool”. Was that the case here? Absolutely yes!

Ryan Garvin

The home has been transformed into a Spanish Ranch-style property, giving the updated look, but keeping in mind that trends change quickly. In order this home to be created the way it was envisioned, the interior designer Shannon Wilkins and her team renovated the family room, the kitchen, and bathrooms with a neutral palette, except for the green accent pieces. So, the only original items that remained after the redesign were leather chairs inherited by the owners and everything else was edited.

Just keep scrolling to take a look inside this European-inspired coastal home!

Ryan Garvin

The ranch-inspired kitchen has a thoughtfully decorated hallway. It features a small and beautiful gallery wall, a velvet green day bed and a vintage rug. The velvet bed is decorated with cream-colored pillows and a throw and it’s a great way to make the most of every space that is available in the home.

The family room is in first sight after the expansive floor open plan leading us to her. This is definitely the perfect place to style the sturdy, statement-making leather chairs that Wilkins started with. Being topped with plush blankets, they simply warm up the room.


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