18 Fantastic Coastal Kitchen Designs For Your Beach House or Villa

The summer season is just about to start and we have to make sure that you are ready, especially if you are the owner of a beach house or a villa located along the coast of a lake, sea or ocean.
To start with, we are going to introduce you to the coastal kitchen interior design that will give you a more enjoyable stay in your coastal residence.
The coastal design style is also known as beach style and it actually includes designs of most other styles such as the contemporary-modern, traditional and rustic. It all depends on the taste of the owner, and sometimes the location. For example a coastal home near a lake is more likely to have features from the rustic design style as opposed to a seaside villa. But, primarily it is the owner’s taste.

The main features of the coastal interior design are the light colors and wooden frames which a lot of times resemble a traditional home, but they have their differences. For example, the beach homes’ interior design would include navy blue or pastel colors to make the interior look a bit more dynamic but still refreshing. Another feature that can be seen quite often in the coastal homes is the use of naval items as decorations, for example surfing boards, rescue tires and other stuff that can be found on boats.

But the best way to find out more about the coastal kitchen interior design, you should take a look at the photos in our collection of 18 Fantastic Coastal Kitchen Designs For Your Beach House or Villa where you will find coastal kitchens with features from a lot of other interior design styles. Enjoy!

Seastone Mount Martha residence

Midway House

Concord Green Home

Darien Beach House

Lake House

Westport Beach House

White and Wood Beach House

Sag Harbor

Hills Beach Cottage

Cape Cod Summer Home

Queen Anne Beach Bungalow

Alys Beach

lake wisconsin coastal kitchen



Watsons Bay Beach House



California Living

Coastal Kitchen

Ponte Vedra Residence



Golden Bay Display Home


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