Spacious and bright Swedish penthouse with large windows opening onto the terrace

If at any time you have to reform the access of your house to the garden, the terrace or the balcony, consider putting double or triple doors between the two, as in this apartment, which, from a simple balcony door, became a large window with all the good that that implies.

More natural light is the first thing, also more space and in the months of mild or hot weather, allowing the outside to enter the house.

Insulation is not lost at all, although of course, it is necessary to invest in double or even triple-glazed windows and doors so that the glass acts as a wall both in winter and in summer.

And if the sun is very intense in the summer months, panels, curtains or any other solution that protects from that intensity in the middle of the day can be placed.

We bet on this type of opening yes or yes, we do not see any harm and if the distribution is like in this duplex, the top floor is a large room for the kitchen, the dining room and the living room with windows on one side already another and even on the roof, because for us it is the ideal apartment in the big city.

Downstairs are the bedrooms and bathroom, which differentiates the day and rest areas. The terrace is not very large, but enough to enjoy the sun on warm days and the nights on very hot days.

We love the kitchen furniture, so clean of ornaments and minimalist and the marble top, we are not convinced by the dining table and chairs… but that is secondary, these look like heirlooms and may have a special meaning for their owners.

The rest of the attic follows the same style as the kitchen, with a simple and functional Nordic decoration, which seeks spaciousness and light.Β Do you like it?






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