Rustic Natural Christmas Decoration That Will Warm Your Hearts

Zara Home continues to bet one more year for a more natural Christmas in which textiles, kitchenware, and Christmas decorations try to get closer to nature and less to artificial glitter.

They have called the Christmas editorial ‘Timeless elegance with a taste of tradition’ or what is the same, ‘timeless elegance with a taste of tradition’, and looking at the photos, the name could not be more accurate.

Of course on a natural pine discreet ornaments, which include beautiful decorative balls with fabric bows, textile bows that are repeated in gifts wrapped in one-color paper that is very reminiscent of natural cellulose paper.

On the fireplace or the staircase, plant centers of winter plants combined with candles and for the living room textiles and candles also almost all monochromatic, which provide that point of warmth, necessary for the nights of these weeks.

For the celebration tables, Zara Home also avoids brightness and strident colors, maintaining a natural and neutral atmosphere, where the crockery, cutlery, and glassware are the real protagonists, only accompanied by a candlestick and fresh plant center.

What do you think of this neutral and stylish Christmas decoration?Β Do you like it like this or do you prefer more color?Β This more rustic and natural trend at Christmas is here to stay and as are the times when so much plastic and polluting materials are fleeing, it will surely take on even more prominence in coming years.







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