The Best Christmas Decor Ideas 2021/22 To Bring The Magic Of Christmas

This Christmas, you will have a lot of decorative styles to choose from: more classic, more Nordic, with a touch of glam in gold… They are all trending!

Gold accents and rustic style

The Christmas decoration finds in the rustic style one of its great allies. The warmth of the wood fits 100% with the ornaments in gold, ocher tones… Combine them with natural details such as wreaths or leaf garlands.

Gold and silver, the perfect mix and match

Another trend that will triumph this Christmas 2021-2022 is to decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments in two colors: gold and silver. It is a mixture that provides elegance and sophistication without sacrificing simplicity.

Christmas in pink

The color pink continues to be a trend in decoration, and therefore, it will also be one of the protagonists of Christmas. Mixing different shades of pink with gold accents will conceive sweet and very happy rooms, almost fantasy.

The role of gifts, with polka dots

Are you a fan of polka dot prints? You are in luck because they will triumph in the wrapping papers this Christmas. The truth is that they look great decorating the foot of the trees. Très chic!

A more sustainable Christmas

In Christmas decorations, there is more and more aware of reusing and recycling. Let’s hope that betting on a more sustainable, natural, and eco Christmas decoration will become a permanent trend.

Traditional details

Continuing the tradition, Christmas socks make a strong comeback, but they dare with new designs in trendy colors. Floral patterns, stripes, solid colors… Place them together or in different parts of the house.

Inspired by mountain houses

Even if you live in the center of the city, you can recreate a Christmas style inspired by the mountain houses. A rustic wooden dining table, fiber chairs, a linen tablecloth … and complete the look with wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces with leaves and branches. Candles are also a must.

The classics are always a trend

No matter how the years go by, some colors will always be the protagonists. There is no Christmas without red, white and green, perhaps the most classic colors.

Natural and homely centerpieces

With candles, with leaves, with twigs, with flowers… The centerpieces this Christmas, the more natural and simple, the better.

Add natural fibers

Natural fibers will make the Christmas decoration more relaxed. You can add them through elements such as lanterns with candles.


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